Fridays For Future


The climate crisis is a real threat to human civilisation -
tackling the climate crisis is the main task of the 21st century.
We demand a policy that is equal to this task.
Fridays for Future: These are students who take to the streets for our climate.
The climate strike movement is international, non-partisan, autonomous and decentralized. Join us and become part of our movement!

Our vision for the region

Our goals

We demand that the 1,5°C target and the goals of the Paris climate agreement are met.
The decisive factor is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly as quickly as possible. That is why we are calling for this throughout Germany:
  • An end for the subsidies of fossil fuels
  • A tax on all greenhouse gas emissions. The price for the production of greenhouse gases must be set as high as the costs caused by them for coming generations. According to UBA that is about 180€ per ton CO2.

Furthermore we make demands on the city of Rostock, which can be read here:

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