You go to school and want to get involved in our local group? Then join our Whatsapp- or Telegram-group and tell the admins, what you would like to do. 


College students

You go to college or are in an apprenticeship and want to participate in the Rostock for Future movement?

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Angehörige der Gesundheitsberufe

Du arbeitest im medizinischen Bereich oder machst in diesem eine Ausbildung / Studium?
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You completed your education and want to participate?

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Why the

We are a constantly growing movement, which is why it is easy to forget that a student was at the very beginning.
In our alliance it is therefore important to us that each age group is given the freedom to find new ideas and their own ways of action.
This is why, in addition to the "Rostock for Future" plenary sessions, there are regular meetings of the individual, independent groupings - because diversity is our strength.

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What awaits you:


A great community

For us, standing up for climate protection does not only mean work, it also means meeting old and new friends every week. Even if you want to come alone and don't know anybody yet, do it! Nearly all of us have come to this way. Just write to us!


Whether it's painting posters, demos or film evenings, we're there - because nobody said that climate protection must not be fun.



Regional and nationwide meetings and congresses take place at regular intervals.

Your chance to meet people from all over Germany, plan actions and learn more about changing our planet.