Parents For Future


We are a free association of adult people and stand as Parents For Future in solidarity with the Fridays For Future movement.

We support young people in their peaceful protest for ambitious climate protection in Germany and worldwide. For us, this also explicitly includes the means of the school strike. As an older generation, we feel a special responsibility to stop the global warming that we are responsible for - for the generation of our children.


The call

We demand

  • To limit global warming to a maximum of 1.5°C to comply with the latest IPCC report.
  • To uphold the criteria of climate justice as agreed in the Paris Convention.
  • Much bolder and immediate action for climate protection in all sub-sectors and a comprehensive climate protection strategy
  • A stop to coal-fired power generation and its subsidy and a CO2 tax.
  • A new climate protection law for the immediate implementation of all measures and strategies in all areas.
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