The 99 days since the declaration of the climate emergency in Rostock are over, but the mayor has not presented the package of measures demanded by the citizens. In school they would say "Six, sit!" Here it says, let's go to the first demonstration of the year!


Protest during a meeting of the Bürgerschaft

Wir waren gerade in der Rostocker We were just in the Bürgerschaft of Rostock and demand action NOW!


Reminder of Siemens' stake in Adani

Today, January 10, thousands of Fridays For Future activists are again protesting in more than 40 cities against Siemens' planned involvement in the construction of the Carmichael coal mine in Australia. At the same time, Luisa Neubauer and Nick Heubeck of Fridays For Future held talks with Joe Kaeser of Siemens.


We submit our claims

In the town hall, it is all about nothing less than a €120 million investment in new trams, which was blocked by Mayor Madsen. In addition, jobs in the already understaffed climate protection control centre are to be cut.

That's why we're putting the pressure on now! During the demonstration, the Rostock for Future alliance presents demands to the city!


Fourth global climate strike

After the so-called "climate package" had expressed the Groko's (grand coalition of Germany) unwillingness to follow scientific facts with deeds, this meant for us: we need a new start! So even with icy temperatures and gusts of wind, 1200 people went through the narrow streets of the old town.


Luisa Neubauer in Rostock

In the Hugendubel, one of the main initiators* of the German FFF movement presented her book "Vom Ende der Klimakrise" ("The End of the Climate Crisis"). The FFF group from Greifswald also paid us a visit on this day.


Third global climate strike

From the main station to the port. Under the slogan "All for the climate" people of all ages went on strike with us.


Information booth

In preparation for the 3rd global climate strike we met to paint banners and distribute flyers on the university square.


Emergency meeting

In less than 48h we organized a demonstration to draw attention to the burning of the rainforest.


Demo through the city centre

After a route along the Kröpeliner Str. we blocked the Lange Straße for a few minutes. This road is particularly dangerous for cyclists due to the lack of protective strips and unfavourably located parking spaces.


Second global climate strike

Our second big strike, just before the European elections.


First global climate strike

In March the first FFF demo took place in Rostock with over 2000 participants.

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